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Eagle Scout


I am very proud of Cameron who earned the rank of Eagle this week. It has been a long but fun journey for him and for our family.  Congrats Cameron!!



Eagle Project

Cameron got his project approved. He will be building picnic benches for the YMCA.  Next stop Eagle. 


Eagle Scout

2012-12-18 20.38.22

It has been about 24 hours since our son, Drew, completed his final Board of Review for Eagle Scout.  Needless to say I am still floating on Cloud 9.  Great job Drew!  I am very proud of you!

Eagle Project is Complete!

2012-11-17 12.10.26

Last weekend I finally got to feel that warm, fuzzy feeling that every Boy Scout parent looks forward to, a complete Eagle project.  With football season finally behind us he was able to get things scheduled do the work.  Drew tried to complete it in October but there was an event at the camp so we had to reschedule.  Thirty eight people from the Troop, Crew and my work in addition to family showed up to help.  It only took us about 4 hours and everything was complete.  I was very thankful that we had so many people show up and give their time to make it possible.  Next up, final Eagle board in December.

Rank Advancement

2012-08-21 20.02.34This has been a very good week in Scouting around our house.  On Monday our youngest son, Cameron, earned the rank of Second Class.  Not too bad for a Scout that just crossed over in February.  Tonight our oldest son, Drew, had is Eagle project Proposal approved at the Eagle boards.  We have been waiting a long time for this and we are stoked! Finally, Carly has begun work on her Girl Scout Bronze Award.  The only downer is that once she completes it she has chosen not to continue on in Girl Scouts but is excited that our Venturing Crew I once again active and will be in full swing once she is 14.  Mom and Dad can’t quit smiling!

Eagle Scout Update


Just a quick update on Drew’s Eagle Project.  He is headed to the Eagle Board of Review on Tuesday to have his project proposal approved.  If it is approved he hopes to complete the project sometime in the next 30-60 days depending on his fundraising and donations.  He will be rebuilding a parking lot and making it handicap accessible.  The project is located at Camp Dakani which is a local Camp Fire camp. It has been a long road and hopefully he is just one step closer. 

Eagle Update


Drew's final Eagle required merit badges.

I wrote last October about my oldest son and his Eagle project.  When I wrote that he still needed to complete two merit badges and work on his project.  Well I am happy to report that today at our Troop’s Court of Honor he received the last two merit badges.  They were Personal Fitness and Personal Management.  Neither of these are easy to earn and took a while to complete.

He has started writing his project and has begun making contacts for supplies.  Things are starting to move forward and with hopes of not jinxing myself I hope to be standing on stage sometime in 2012 and putting the Eagle neckerchief around his neck.

Hopefully the next update will come soon!

The Eagle Project

I am a procrastinator extraordinaire.  I can put off anything with the best of them.  But I act surprised when this trait passed down to my children.  My oldest son, Drew, earned the rank of Life Scout on July 17, 2009.  At the time he was just a few months short of his 14th birthday. 

Fast forward two years and he is closer to completing his Eagle but he still lacks the Personal Fitness and Personal Management merit badges and his project. For his project he will be refurbishing a parking lot at a local Camp Fire camp.

That is the easy part. The tough part is getting the kid to sit down and do the write-up. He is way smart and should have no problem doing it but like me he hates reading and writing is way up on that same list.  Couple that with the fact that he plays high school football, is active in a church youth group, recently finished tenure as our SPL, is very heavily involved in our Chapter’s OA Ceremonies team and has a  social life and it has been tough to motivate him.

But hope is on the horizon!  Last week the BSA released the 2012 Eagle Award that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the first Eagle Scout.  My son REALLY wanted the 2010 Eagle patch but he just did not have all of his stuff together to earn it.  When this was released last week I made darn sure he saw a picture of the patch and it had just the effect I was looking for!

Drew promptly announced that he wanted that patch and suddenly has a fire lit under him again.  Hopefully the procrastinator gene will take a vacation and we will see some progress.  I will keep you posted.

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