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District-wide Webelos Crossover


About 10 years ago a change was made in our OA Chapter that had our OA Crossover teams going to each Pack and conducting individual crossovers at the Blue & Gold Banquets.  For the Arrowmen in our Chapter that meant that we had to visit 10-15 Blue & Gold Banquets and spend lots of time away from our personal lives.

Last year we made the decision to move to a single, district-wide crossover ceremony that would include all of the Packs and Troops in the district.  Last weekend our Order of the Arrow Chapter Hosted our first District-wide crossover. We held it at our local Scout camp at the Council Ring and held a short reception after the crossover was complete for the new Boy Scouts and their families.

Overall, I think things went very well.  We had 19 Webelos Scouts registered and 15 attended crossing over to 4 different Troops.  We had close to 100 people in attendance.  The whole thing would not have been possible without the efforts of a lot of people.  In particular the Arrowmen of the Kittakima Chapter.  Thanks to everyone that played a part in making it a great success.  I can’t wait to see this event grow next year!


Arrow of Light Plaques and Career Arrows

When my oldest son was a Webelos II and about to cross over to Boy Scouts, I wanted to do something special for him and his Den. They had earned their Arrow of Light award so we decided to make career arrows and plaques for each Scout that earned it.

When my youngest son and his Den earned their Arrow of Light we repeated the process. Here is how we did it:

To paint the career arrows we used the following color scheme:

  • Bobcat = Blue
  • Tiger = Orange
  • Wolf = Red
    • Gold Arrow Points = Gold
    • Silver Arrow Points = Silver (one stripe for each earned)
  • Bear = Light Blue
    • Gold Arrow Points = Gold
    • Silver Arrow Points = Silver (one stripe for each earned)
  • Webelos = Navy Blue
    • Activity Pins = White (one stripe for each earned)
  • Religious Emblem = Purple
  • Arrow of Light = Yellow

Beginning at the fletching (feathers) we left a small space and started with the Bobcat badge. Each rank was 1/2″ wide and arrow points and activity pins were 1/4″ wide. Between each I used a 1/8″ wide craft tape my son found at a local hobby store. I taped the whole thing and then painted it. I painted each rank and arrow point or activity award as he earned it. At the end closest to the arrowhead we filled the remaining space with yellow for the AoL. Each parent or guardian painted their own Scout’s arrow.

I also made plaques out of oak for each Scout to hang their arrows on. Another Dad from the Den and my wife, Suzette, were a big help with these.

The boys loved them and I had a blast making them.

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