Growing Up

20140827_222314949_iOSSometimes you learn a lot about how a person has grown when you least expect it. That moment came for me at our Order of the Arrow Fall Ordeal.

During our Pre-Ordeal ceremony on Friday night the unthinkable happened. During one part of the ceremony, one of the ceremonialists strings a bow to be used in the remainder of the ceremony. All of this is done in the dark with minimal lighting from some “candles” burning around the ceremony. My youngest son was performing that part when out of darkness everyone hears a “SNAP”. My first thought was absolute terror and panic. The bow had just broken and the ceremony was ruined.  I immediately wondered how the team was going to finish the ceremony.  Luckily, they were quick on their feet and improvised in a matter of seconds and kept right on going. They finished the ceremony without a hitch and no one knew any different.

Scouting does that for youth.  It takes the immature 10-yr-old Cub Scout and turns him into the seasoned teenager who can think fast and not freak out when thinks do not go as planned.  Great job guys!




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