Tuck everlasting: Scout uniform shirts should always be tucked in, BSA says

I have to say thanks to the BSA. This is a GIANT pet peeve of mine. I hate to see gym shorts with a Class A shirt unbuttoned and untucked. Kudos!

Bryan on Scouting

scout-uniform-4To tuck or not to tuck.

That was the question on the minds of hundreds of parents who have called the BSA headquarters over the past several months.

Their query: Does the Boy Scouts of America require uniform shirts to be tucked in? The questions are specifically referring to field uniforms (known to some by the unofficial name “Class A”) and not activity uniforms (“Class B”).

Problem is there hasn’t been an official policy in the past. The requirement was that the uniform-wearer must be “neat in appearance.” Most packs, troops, and crews interpreted that to mean tucking the shirts in, but a few didn’t.

Now we’ve got our final answer. Read the BSA’s official stance after the jump: 

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  1. Deaf-initely goes along with emphasizing ‘clean’ in the 12 points!!

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