A Scout is Kind


You really get a glimpse into the soul of a Scout occasionally. 

We held our Order of the Arrow call-out on Friday night and we had a couple of Scouts in our Troop that were on the ballot but were not elected and were upset.  I totally get that as my oldest son was not elected on his first ballot so I completely understand.  What was really telling though was one of our Scouts in the Troop was elected and asked me if he could give his election status to one of the Scouts who was not.  I explained to him that it was not and there is always next year.

That my friends is what Scouting and the OA are all about.  How many times have you seen a 15-yr-old willing to unselfishly give up something that is really important to a lot of people?  Not very often. 

Makes me proud to be involved in the program!


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  1. ScoutingManiac

    Most definitely Scouting at it’s FINEST!!!!!!

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