Cub Scouts Revisited

We spent a few hours last weekend hanging out with Cub Scout Pack 163. They had their annual Fall Pack Campout and Raingutter Regatta at Camp Sundance near Enid, OK. Recently, they purchased four Dutch ovens and wanted some help making desserts and breakfast for the Pack so they invited us to come and help. Actually, they invited my wife, Suzette, and the kids and myself just tagged along. I spent the day trying to get to know all of the new parents (and there are a lot) and the kids spent the day fishing. We hung around until dinner was finished and then headed home just before the campfire. It was great to see so may smiling faces and hang out with some old and now new friends. I can safely say that Pack 163 is doing great!


Everyone in the kitchen is busy!


Burgers and beans!



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  1. I see a few very familiar people there!!!

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