Webelos Woods 2012 –“Look Ma, a tornado!”

WW PatchWebelos Woods has come and gone and I am quite sure that no one that was involved will forget it anytime soon.  This year my wife, Suzette, served as the chairman for our district Webelos Woods.  This was her first time to chair a district event and she did a great job.  One of her main focuses was to turn the program back over to the Boy Scouts and let them plan and run the event.  She succeeded in doing just that.  

The first thing you have to understand about Oklahoma is that some of the weathermen in will do and say anything for ratings. No matter what the forecast they ALWAYS have an angle for death the destruction. If the temp is supposed to be 82° and sunny they will manage to find some way to relate it to disaster. With that said we watched the forecast all week long and made plans according to what we saw.

On Friday afternoon the weathermen started talking doom and gloom and our local Armageddon specialist, Mike Morgan and his bedazzled tie (he only wears it during bad weather), was really amped up.  Being in charge of numerous lives it was decided to turn the weekend camping event into a Saturday day only and overnighter event.  Even though our council recently installed 51 storm shelters across our council camps we felt inclined to error on the side of safety and stay home for the evening. Well they were right and a tornado hit the Norman area not long after the Friday night campout was canceled.

Saturday came and most of the people showed up and had a great time.  We shortened the program on Saturday and left the camping option up to each unit.  We had callout for the Order of the Arrow that afternoon and ended with a campfire.  I am sure that most of the kids will not remember the events of the weekend but as adults it will stick around a while.


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