OA Lodge Good Turn Weekend

MaNu 133 OA LogoThis weekend I went with my son and our OA Chapter Adviser to the Ma-Nu Lodge good Turn weekend to Dripping Springs Scout Camp which is one of the Last Frontier Council’s camps.  We live in a very blessed Council as we have six properties for our Scouts to utilize.

About 90 people, Cubs, Boy Scouts and adults, from around the Council camp to help clean up the camp from the winter month as well as get the camp ready for this summer’s Cub Scout Day Camp for the District in the Western part of the state.

Most of the day involved picking up fallen limbs and sticks and running them through a wood chipper.  The work wasn’t too tough but we worked up a sweat none the less.  We had Scouts that ranged from 8 to 18 and adults helping as well. 

There was one Scout that really caught my eye.  While I was running the chipper with two Chapter Advisers I noticed this very hard working Cub Scout.  It seemed that every time I turned around to take the limbs and sticks from the Scouts he was standing there.  I watched him all day and he always had a smile on his face and he rarely sat down.  I mentioned to our Chapter Adviser that he was the hardest working Cub Scout I had ever seen.  He agreed.  He displayed what service was all about and brought a smile to my face.  He will make a great Arrowman one day and our Lodge will be better with him as a member.

Following a great dinner of pulled pork and brisket we attended an OA Brotherhood ceremony.  It was a beautiful night with many stars in the sky.  Just before sundown you could hear the turkeys gobbling in the distance and in the middle of the ceremony the coyotes started calling and they were literally all around us.  It was a memorable ceremony.

Overall it was a great weekend and it did a lot to recharge the Scouting battery.


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