Why do I do this?

Head ScratchThe last few days have been a nightmare for me and those around me in Scouting.  Things have come totally unhinged and I wish I could have seen some things coming that I could have prevented but I cannot turn back time. But no matter what happens I still support and care for those around me.

Through all of the things that have happened I have found myself scratching my head and wondering why in the world do I put myself through this kind of torture for something that is not mine and I am just involved in as a volunteer.  I thought that it would just be easier to put the uniform in the closet and just leave it all behind.  But then I remembered why I do what I do.  I remembered that I participate in Scouting because of the kids involved in the program.

I volunteer in Scouting for my kids but I am also here for the other kids in the units in which I am involved.  I do this to help them grow to be better people and better citizens.  I do it the see the smiles on their faces.  I do it because I am not going to depend on someone else to do.  I do it because it makes a difference!

That is why I do this crazy thing called Scouting!


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  1. With a “New Year” of scouting comes new and ‘exciting’ challenges. Hang in there, the challenges tend to work them self out. Think long term.

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