World Thinking Day 2012


Each year on February 22, World Thinking Day, girls participate in activities and projects with global themes to honor their sister Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in other countries. World Thinking Day not only gives girls a chance to celebrate international friendships, but is also a reminder that Girl Scouts of the USA is part of a global community—one of nearly 150 countries with Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

I had the honor of helping Girl Scout Troop 22 with their Thinking Day this year. My daughter, Carly, is a Junior in Troop 22 and my wife is their leader. My wife called and asked me to assist. She told me that we would be teaching about the Ivory Coast. They also learned about Japan, Russia, Guyana and Tunisia.

My wife made a candy called Kashata which is something between candy and cookie.  It consisted of coconut, cinnamon and caramelized sugar.  We cooked Fritters which are bite-sized pieces of fruit, vegetable, meat or cheese coated in a seasoned flour batter and deep fried.  Our fritter contained bananas.  We also fried a bread called Mandazi which is liked the dough used in sopapillas.  The girls also played a game called Woaley.

The girls had a blast and learned a lot about Girl Scouts in other countries and so did I.  This is not something we do in Boy Scouts so it was all new to me.  Not very often do I get the chance to help but I always enjoy it when I do.

Carly at World Thinking Day

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