To go or not to go? That is the question!

So I have run into a dilemma in my Scouting career. It is not a big problem and one that should be easily answered but a dilemma none the less.  I am trying to decide if I want to staff to the 2013 Jamboree.  For most people this is a no brainier but for me it presents a real challenge.

As many of you know I am seriously overweight. I made an attempt to to lose the weight to go on a Philmont Trek with our Troop and failed miserably.  Following that my son decided that he did not want to go to Philmont and dropped from the crew.  It was a decision that nearly broke my heart.  I so want him to go to Philmont and fear that he will regret not going later in life.  Since that time he has signed up for a Sea Base Crew together with my wife and will be going in June.  That eases the pain and I am finally over it.

Since my post about the Philmont Journey my youngest son has crossed over to the Troop and is now signed up to attend the 2013 Jamboree at the Summit.  My oldest son went in 2010 and was a Patrol Leader and has not interest in attending as a participant again.  We have talked and he does seem to have some interest in going as OA Staff but nothing definite yet.  I would like the opportunity to go as staff and be there with both of my sons.

Per everything the BSA has put out there will be strict guidelines in regards to the BMI a person must have in order to attend.  I get that in my current shape that I would be a risk so I have to abide by the standards.  Below is the video that Tico Perez made regarding the standards.

So that brings me to today.  In order for me to be able to attend I must lose over 100 pounds.  I would like to go but that is a huge task.  I have actually started the application process but right now I have stopped and I am trying to make the decision if I can actually pull this thing off or not.  So what do you think? Could you do it?  Let me know.


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  1. Of course you can do it! It will be a lot of work but it will be worth it, not only going to Jamboree but everything else too!!! (I’m going to the gym after work, you going to meet me there?)

  2. Darrin,
    I (and the rest of the family) will definitely support you in any endevour. I believe you could do it.

  3. I want to do some of the really “cool” things in Scouting, too. I have 50 pounds so far….but still, like you, need to get get another 100 pounds off to get to “ideal” weight of BSA.

    In the last 6 months, I have done 4 25 mile bike rides, 3 10 mile hikes, 1 mile swim…and exercise 4-5 days per week in the gym. I am more physically strong than most of my Scouts; yet, because they are under the limit, they can go.

    What I realized is that Scouting is for everyone. Not everyone earnes Eagle. Not everyone earns the same merit badges. I have swtiched to being the Program person and focusing on providing a great program for the youth. Still stinks that I will never get to go on a trek…BUT I CAN RIDE ONE!!!

  4. Just so you know I broke down and dusted off the gym membership and went last night. My legs hurt like heck today but that is step 1.

  5. Darrin,
    Hang in there. It is a long tough journey. You will have the support of your friends and family, so it will be easier. Start with small goals, reach those goals, then make new, larger goals. Start by going to the gym 3 times a week for 25 minutes each time. Start to pay more attention to what you are eating – both type of food and quantity. If you go out, or eat at home, try to reduce the portion some, and make a healthier choice to begin with. Eat more snacks, healthier snacks through the day. Take carrots with you to work, take apples, bananas, oranges. Eat those, instead of chips. When you do go out, try to go to a place that has healthy choices. Choose Subway over McDonalds. When you are there, choose something that is healthier, from that menu. Just try to choose smarter. Once you are starting to feel comfortable, turn it up a notch. Go to the gym for 40 minutes each time. Try to reduce the food a little more. Sign up for an athletic goal. When I first signed up for a 1/2 Ironman, I did not have a clue how to really swim. I committed to the goal (financially) and I worked to it. I had 8 months, and I did it, just as you can do it. Sign up for something crazy. Look at doing the 1/2 Redman in OKC. Or, set a goal of riding a Century (100 mi bike ride) at the end of summer. Commit to that goal this summer, and then you will start to have a good foundation for next summer. Then you can meet your goal for Summit. You can do it. You and I both preach goals to our Scouts. Set an example for them, set YOUR goal. Announce your goal at your next troop meeting. The more people that know about your goal, the less likely you will be to fail. And, everyone you tell, will be behind you, and support you 100%. At the same time, don’t starve yourself and do anything such that your goal is that much harder. At the next celebration, like Blue and Gold, still enjoy it, but enjoy it in moderation. Have the slice of cake, a small single slice of cake. But, just work that much harder that night. Trust me, I have been there. It was tough. I have an idea of what you are going through. It can be done. You can do it. You WILL do it.

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