Webelos Crossover

Panther Den with the OA

Last Saturday I spent my last evening as Cubmaster of Pack 163. I have been the CM since 2005 and have loved almost every minute of it. But following many great years my youngest son crossed over to Troop 168 and I passed off the reins.

Not only did my time as Cubmaster come to an end but so did my wife’s time as a Den Leader. She has been the Den Leader for Cameron’s Den since they were Tigers. At one point, her Den swelled to 22 Scouts but she finished with eleven and ten crossed over to the Troop. She has poured many hours of sweat and love into providing the best program she could for her boys. She is a great Mom, wife and Den Leader and they could not have asked for better!

It was a great night for our family. Our youngest, Cameron, left Cub Scouts and started his trail towards Eagle. My oldest son played a vital part in that event. Drew is the Chapter Chief of our Order of the Arrow Chapter and has been a part of the ceremony team since completing his Ordeal. Drew played the role of “the Mighty Chief” in the crossover ceremony. It was a very special night for us to watch our oldest son welcome our youngest son and the rest of his Den into Boy Scouts.

Cameron and Drew


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  1. Congratulations to your whole family! Sounds like quite a night for all of you.

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