Final Pack Campout

Cameron racing his Raingutter Regatta boat

So my family’s final campout with Pack 163 is part of history. We have been is Pack 163 since my oldest son joined Scouting as a Wolf in 2002. We had just moved to a new home and a new school system and he bugged his Mom to join Scouts until she caved. I was working evenings at the time so my involvement was very little. That changed in 2005 after I accepted the position of Pack Committee Chairman.

When I accepted the position there were still a couple of folks in the Pack the were accustomed to doing things the way that had always been done. One of those was at some point in time we were setup as a feeder to one Troop and only one Troop. We also never camped as a Pack as it was “too much of a pain and work”.

The following year I became the Cubmaster and I immediately changed both of those things. My attitude has always been that the Scout should go where he fits and where HE chooses. I was told that our Scouts always went to 123 Troop and the will always go to 123 Troop. Not on my watch! The year I took over the first Scout in years rebelled and joined the Troop we are now in today. The following year my son’s Webelos Den crossed 8 boys over to four different Troops.

That year I became Cubmaster I also offered the first Pack Campout in the spring. All of the old guard was gone and I finally had no resistance to it. I put together a flyer and a cheap price and sent it out to the Pack. The response was great.

That first year I began the tradition of performing the rank advancement ceremonies at the campfire on Saturday night. A lot of the Packs around us use Blue & Gold to do this but I have never been a real fan of it.  The kids love getting them in front of the fire and the parents and Scouts have great memories.

A couple of years ago we added a campout for fall.  I also started the tradition of running our Raingutter Regatta at the fall campout to promote attendance.

I can honestly say I am going to miss it. There is nothing like seeing the faces of the Tigers shine on their first campout. There is also nothing like seeing the Webelos that you have watched since they were Tigers put up their own tent and show a younger Scout how to do it as well.

So for the final time we have hauled out the chuck box and all the gear necessary to feed an entire Pack. I watched one of my son’s participate in a Raingutter Regatta race for the last time. For the last time I have participated in a campout with all of the Scouts of Pack 163.


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