Webelos Campout


Recently, my older son’s Troop took my younger son’s 5th grade Webelos Den camping.  This was the third time we have taken these Webelos camping with us.  The first two times we hosted them at Webelos Woods in the spring of 2010.  They were bears at the time and about to become Webelos. 

The weather on Friday night was great.  The wind was howling like it typically does in Oklahoma so everyone was ready for it.  And since the Troop was camping it was an absolute given that it was going to rain.  The summer of 2011 was the hottest and driest on record here and by the end of the weekend the place we were camping at received 2” of rain and at home we received 4+.

The boys spent the weekend fishing. They caught several fish and earned the Fishing Belt Loop in the process. After lunch they spent the afternoon shooting water rockets made from soda bottles. They used all sizes and had a great time. Typically, you use a bicycle air pump to provide the power to shoot them. At some one of our Scouts produced an electric pump which took the event to a whole new level.

Finally, the rain arrived and due to the road conditions to the camp we were forced to bail early.  The road at this camp has a tendency to turn to soup and digging two Troop trailers out of the mud just didn’t seem appealing. 

Overall, the Webelos and the Boy Scouts had a great time.  Hopefully we have convinced them that Troop 168 is the place to be.


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