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Every year our Scouting district has an event called Octoberfest (no beer or Polka bands allowed).  All of the willing Troops in the district setup at a local Sportsman’s Club and the Webleos come and visit all of the Troops all in one night.  Recently, many Troops have come up some type of gimmick for the Webelos to do while they visit them.  While I am not a fan of the gimmick side of things, the Webelos LOVE it.

I have been racking my brain for something for them to do.  The event is just under a month away and right now I am drawing blanks.  Yes, I have asked our Boy Scouts and none of them seem to have a good idea.  Traditionally, we have served cobbler from Dutch ovens and while it worked in the past it has lost it’s luster.  It doesn’t exactly stack up against survival bracelets, BB Shooting, rope making, etc.  I am sure the traditionalist would say that we need to just stick to the basics (knot tying, cooking, talking to them) but the basics don’t seem to draw a crowd for this event.

So you probably wonder where I am going with this.  Well, I need your help.  First, do you have any one night recruiting events like this in your council/district?  Secondly, what ideas do you have that might help us out?

Leave me a comment and let me know.  Thanks!!


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  1. The challenge I think is doing something that gets their attention without it being a dog and pony show kind of thing. Something that is realistic to show what REALLY goes on in your Troop. A good slideshow with examples of what real life in the Troop is like might be a start – something to show off the sizzle that it hard to get across in this kind of environment. I’d also try to set up your site as much like a campsite as you can within the space.

    • @Doug – we have tried all of that and it has just seemed to hav lost it’s luster. We may be doing some branding.

  2. What about tomahawks or wrist rockets?

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