A Big Move

Cub_Scout_CharactersOur Pack was originally chartered in 1979 by the PTA at the elementary school where we meet.  At some point the charter was moved to the school and stayed there several years. 

A couple of years ago we were asked by our Council to move the charter from the school to the PTA within the school.  Apparently, the ACLU was filing law suits against schools around the country due to some of the BSA’s current policies.  We moved the charter and things have been going great until recently.

Sometime in the last year the National PTA has informed the state and local PTA organizations that they do not recommend them to charter Cub Scout Packs. The local PTAs have been informed the if something “bad” happened and legal action was taken against the Pack that the PTA President could be held liable. As a result, all of the Packs around us have lost their charters and we are the last Pack in our school system chartered by a PTA.

Recently, our Pack has been talking with the church that is the chartered organization for my older son’s Troop.  Our Troop has been chartered there since 1964 and we enjoy a very healthy relationship with the church.   The church has never had a Pack.  This last Tuesday the Church Council voted unanimously to charter the Pack so we are making the switch.

I am excited for this change but very nervous at the same time.  While it will open up our recruiting efforts to the church and two other schools it will also make it tougher on the current school we were at.  Only time will tell and I will keep you posted!


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  1. You guys were wise to be proactive. I think it’s a great move!

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