Weight Loss Week 1

Week 1 has come and gone and I didn’t do too awful bad.  As of this morning I have lost 10 lbs!  Feels good to be on the “right track” again.  I say “right track” but when I review my food diaries for the last week I can see a lot of areas of opportunities.  Quite a few of my food choices have been marginal at best. Sure I am staying under my calorie goal but the quality of what I am eating has not been that good. I am still eating too much junk. I plan on changing that this week.

I also plan on going to the gym or just walking outside more.  I have been so busy that I have not taken time to exercise.  Getting up early is not something I do well either so I have been stuck exercising after work.  I want to change that as well.  So starting Thursday I am going to try to get up early to walk.

So now you are asking yourself why doesn’t he start getting up early tomorrow?  Well, let me tell you.  Our two Philmont Crews will have their first training hike tomorrow evening and I am planning on going.  It is just a flat 5 miler around the a lake near us but it will be good exercise.  I will certainly get my “sweat on” in the Oklahoma heat.

So here is to a healthier week 2! More next week.


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  1. Some say an easy habit takes about 21 days to incorporate, a moderate one about 66 days, hard ones 100+ days. While DQ are my favorite dessert initials, they also form a basis for change — Don’t Quit (ever). If one begins with a new habit with a terminus in mind, the end of the effort arrives sooner than expected.

    “Habits are cobwebs at first; cables at last” Chinese proverb

    Keep on, keeping on, Darrin!

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