My Journey to Philmont

imageExcuse me while I vent but something has been eating at me lately.

I have struggled with my weight since I was a child.  I have always been bigger than most people my age.  As a senior in high school I weighed a whopping 235 pounds at 6’2″ tall and was informed that I was ‘fat’.

Recently, our Troop and our Crew each drew a spot for Philmont in 2012 and I was asked if I wanted to go.  My son, Drew, will be on one of the treks so it was a given that I want to go.  The only problem I have is there is 130 lbs standing between me and that adventure.  We do not go until July 2012 so the weight loss may be possible but very difficult.  After trying to do it and losing 48 lbs I have managed to fall back into my old ways and gain some of it back.  Well, probably most of it.

My son also struggles with his weight.  At 15 he is 6’2″ and weighs just under 300 lbs.  Keep in mind that he plays football and A LOT of that bulk is muscle as the kid is very strong.  Drew also has pounds to lose before he can go on the Trek.

While I understand the BSA’s policy on height and weight for high adventure let me just say that I think it sucks!  There is no consideration for a kid like Drew who is athletic and involved in sports and can outwork and probably outhike most scrawny kids that need to lose nothing to go on a trek at Philmont.  They only look at the overall picture and give the good old blanket policy:  punish everyone for one person’s mistake.

Being the great role model that I am I ride him about what he eats all the time while doing little to nothing to change my own bad habits.  The other day he was eating something unhealthy and I got onto him for doing so and his response was “what about you?”  When I informed him that I was not going to Philmont next year he commented that I would lose the weight and go with his little brother but not with him.  The more I replay that comment in my mind the more it hurts but it also motivates.

So I am committing to try to lose the weight no matter what it takes.  I may not make it but in the end I will be healthier for it.  One of the Scouters (SM_Shawn) told me this the other day about weight loss:   “It’s for the family. It’s for the scouts. It’s for yourself”…rinse, repeat.

Drew, you got your wish.  Dad is going to do his best to hike to the top of Baldy with you in 2012.

I will keep you posted!


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  1. I think they’ve had to rescue too many out-of-shape fleshbags over the years, but a one-size-fits-all weight chart (pardon the pun) doesn’t account for the factors you mentioned. It should be case by case.

    I’m trying to drop 20 lbs. I’ll hound you if you’ll hound me…

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