A Scout is Helpful

A while back at the Troop meeting I asked the Scoutmaster if I could give the Scoutmaster’s Minute. He agreed and then the panic began.

Recently, it seems like the amount of volunteers at events has dropped to nothing. Last month at an Eagle project my son and a new scout were the only two youth to show up and help. To some that may seem like a lot but 2 Scouts out of 50 active youth is pretty pathetic. The same thing happened to another youth earlier in the spring.

So here I was sitting during the meeting wondering what I was going to talk about and how to do it without sounding like a nag. Well in walks a Scout with a flyer asking for help at an Eagle project that weekend. And with a little help from a Scoutmaster minutes book I have the whole thing planned.

The meeting runs like normal and the next thing I know it is show time! I asked the question about how Scouting started and to my surprise a Scout I never expected to answer told the story of William Boyce in the fog in London. And then I asked the question “what point of the Scout law was that Scout exhibiting when he showed Mr. Boyce where to go?” It just so happened that the new Scout that was there with my son at the Eagle project answered Helpful.

I then went on to talk about living the Scout Oath and Law in your everyday life and held up the flyer and asked who would be there to help. Several hands went up. The best part was Saturday when my son and I went to the project there were about 10 Scouts and a few parents there to help. I think they go the message.

I love it when God gives me the words to inspire without making a complete fool out of myself and I love it when a little motivational speech actually motivates!


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