So at what point do you consider yourself burned out? I have recently asked myself that question a lot.

As of late I have found it very hard to say no. Every time Scouting has come knocking I have not been able to turn it down. My fear has always been “if I don’t do it, who will?” I have always prided myself on giving my all to Scouting and making the program the very best that I can. The problem is lately my all has been stretched so thin that I have lost some zeal for the program and I feel like the program and more importantly the Scouts are suffering because of it. I think I have reached the point of burn out.

One MAJOR factor is that the youth and adults in our Troop have gone silent when it comes to volunteering. Sure people show up to staff something if they have to but no one wants to be in charge of anything. Most of the responsibility has fallen to 7-8 adults in a Troop of 64 youth.

Have you ever reached this point?

Remember it only takes 1 hour a week!


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