And so it begins!

Summer is officially over. The school year has begun and Scouting is approaching full swing.

Our Pack will hold its Join Scout night in about a week. Typically we pickup 5-15 kids during this time with most being Tigers. Some of the Dens will pickup 1-2 older kids but most get none.

With the school year also comes more activities is general. Both of my both boys play football and my daughter is in Girl Scouting. Both of which are in direct conflict with our Cub Scout Pack. My older son plays football for the Middle School he attends. All of his games are on Thursday night. The younger son plays club ball and his games are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Pack meetings are on Thursdays. As a result I will not get to play Cubmaster until October on a campout. Luckily the Troop meets on Mondays and generally there are no conflicts there. That is until next year and all Freshmen football games are on Monday.

That brings me to my point. When is too much too much? I am continually hearing that I need to learn how to say no. Everyone seems to think that I do too much. Sometimes I think they are right but who will do it if I don’t.

Last year my Webelos Den Leader moved Packs and left the remaining boys without a leader. None of the parents were willing to step in so I did it myself. I have had fun but look forward to the February so I have one less thing on my plate.

When is too much too much? Only you have the answer to that question.

Remember it only takes 1 hour a week!


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