What Can You Do?

Twlilight Camp 2009 has come and gone. This year we took 33 Cub and Webelos Scouts to camp. There were 19 Cubs and 14 Webelos with us. By far we had the largest number of boys.

The guys had a great time and really did not want it to end. The adults on the other hand were more than ready. A week in the Oklahoma heat for a bunch of desk jockeys is rough on the body.

On Friday night we have Parents Night and have a hotdog cookout. My Asst. Cubmaster Chris and myself along with some other great folks helped cook 1,000 hotdogs. What delighted me the most is that the awesome parents from my Pack jumped in without being asked and ‘assembled’ the hotdogs and buns.

Many times people ask me what do we do to have such a big and active (and in mine and many other’s opinion ‘awesome’) Pack. It comes down to leaders and parents. We have leaders who are willing to do anything for their Dens. We also have parents who are willing to do anything for their kids and their leaders.

Not everyone can be or wants to be a Scout leader. But anyone can take 15 minutes and throw together some hotdogs. Anyone can run a Pinewood Derby. Anyone can help cut and paste something at a Den meeting. Anyone can love their children and the people around them the way God loves them!

The next time you wonder what you can do to help just take a second to look around and do something simple even if it is ‘assembling’ a hotdog!

Remember it only takes 1 hour a week!


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