Looking at this picture from our summer camp two years ago makes me wonder what can we do better as adult leaders to retain the kids in our units? I counted nine kids that have transferred to other units for various reasons and eight kids that are no longer a part of Scouting. 17 kids that our unit let ‘fall through the cracks!’

I understand that Scouting is not for every boy or girl. Some try it and it is just not their cup of tea. Some do not get any support at home and drop due to parents and some just cannot abide by the rules of the unit they belong to or don’t like the other youth or leaders. But what could we have done differently to keep these kids coming?

Take a minute to stop and think about the kids in your unit that are ‘at risk’ for being one of the 17 that might not show up next week!


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  1. >Good one Darrin. I take it very personally everytime a Scout leaves. I saw one with his parents just this last weekend and thought of all the fun and learning he is missing.

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